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Bilingual cannabis policy professional providing innovative and solution-focused leadership for over ten years

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Thoughts, feelings and first impressions on topics from public policy and foreign affairs to literature and pop culture to the adorable things my dog does

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We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a legislative and regulatory regime with incredible potential to benefit public health, law & order and the bottom-line across the country – let’s not screw this up

About Breanna

I believe that social-profits, governments, and private industry can work together for the mutal benefit of all Canadians, without compromising efficiency, profit or impact. Get in touch to learn more about my approach and the skills I have to offer your team.

Breanna Roycroft

Cannabis Policy Specialist
I work to break down the barriers that keep social-profits, business and governments from maximizing their social good while protecting their bottom-line.

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