Last week, Shopper’s Drug Mart weighed in, saying they were the safest way to distribute medicinal cannabis. I am inclined to agree, though that does not eliminate the need for dispensaries. Any other prescription written to you by your doctor would be filled at a pharmacy. Shopper’s Drug Mart locations have pharmacies. If you are most comfortable filling your prescription from your doctor at a pharmacy, you should be able to do to that.

This does not mean that they need to have exclusive distribution rights for medicinal cannabis, but there are many smaller communities that have pharmacies but maybe not dispensaries. And patients should not be forced to jump through the current ridiculous hoops set up under the MMPR to get the medicine that their doctors prescribed.

And yes, George Weston Ltd (the parent company of Shopper’s Drug Mart’s parent company) clearly has motivations for getting into industry that are not wholly altruistic. There is nothing inherently wrong with this – they are a private company with legitimate concerns about growth and profit. If there is a way for Shopper’s Drug Mart to improve their bottom line while safely and effectively delivering an increasingly sought after medication with limited side effects, mostly grown by Canadian companies? Sounds good to me.

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