I truly hope that as we move toward legalising and commercialising recreation cannabis, that we do not lose the incredible momentum that has been built up in our medicinal and therapeutic cannabis industry in Canada. The medicinal and therapeutic uses of cannabis are remarkable, and the more research we do, the more we learn about its potential use. As we face opioid epidemics in communities across the country, as we see a rise in PTSD, depression and suicide in our veterans and first responders, as we struggle with alcohol and narcotic additions, the role that medicinal cannabis has to play becomes more and more clear.

Companies like Bedrocan are doing phenomenal work in identifying, isolating and reliably reproducing specific strains with specific levels of CBD and THC for their unique medicinal and therapeutic values. This research should continue and medical and pharmaceutical schools across the country should work to integrate their learnings and findings into the classroom to prepare the next generation of healthcare providers with all of the information out there.

That is my biggest worry as we move toward legalisation and commercialisation – which I am clearly all for as well. I think it is important that as we move forward, government’s aim to keep these two silos relatively separate.

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